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Live Client + BC Sprint 



The Background

Was briefed in by the Amazon team on the current platform and its features. 

Amazon Music

The Ask


How can you make Amazon a creator's first platform?

Amazon Music currently sits 3rd in the music streaming category but hasn’t been able to differentiate itself enough to overtake Spotify and Apple Music.


Streaming services are more than music databases, they’re our point of connection to our favorite artists. We want to leverage Amazon’s multimedia content ecosystem to lean into that, making Amazon the #1 streaming platform not just to listen to music, but to connect with the creators who make it.

To do that, we unpacked how people relate to their favorite artists, and how we could deepen those connections. Here’s what we found:

Here are the Truths


When you hear the music you connect with, it feels like the artist is speaking directly to you. That they understand you better than anyone else.



A favorite artist feels like a close friend.



We want to understand our favorite artists the way that they understand us.



Surface-level content does not equal connection.


On the surface, we can get all the information we want about artists. What did Taylor Swift eat for breakfast? What’s she wearing today? But that doesn’t speak to the depth of the relationship fans feel.



Fans want more than just a front-row seat to their favorite artists’ lives—they want to be a part of their stories.

The Opportunity

We believe that Amazon Music has an opportunity to give fans exactly that, by flipping the paradigm on artist-fan relationships—How can we make that flip? By giving fans a chance to inspire the artists that inspire them, and give them an active role in the creative process.


Covered by Amazon is a content series that explores artists' unexpected musical influences and lets fans vote on a song for them to cover. 

How it works

Reasons to Believe

The Team

Kai Butler | Strategist

Michal Howick | Strategist 

Josh Zinger| Strategist 

Kaelan Brown |  UX Designer 

Laura Rouw | Art Director

My Role

Conducted Qualitative Research


Deck Flow


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