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The Background

Sociables is an outdated cracker brand within the Nabisco portfolio. Usually seated at the bottom shelf in the snack aisle. 

Brand Refresh + Presented to the Nabisco Strategy Team 


The Ask


Brand Truth

Take Sociables from the bottom to the middle shelf. 

1.  Sociables hold an outdated space in the cracker category.

2. They lack awareness and overall brand presence amongst their competitors.

3. They are perceived as a low-quality product option with an unclear brand identity. 

The name sets it apart. We decided to leverage the name of the brand and look into the culture of socializing. 

The Cultural Truth

The Phenomenon of Awkward



Since lockdown, psychologists are reporting that people are more apprehensive than ever before when it comes to socializing but recognize their dire need for it. 

To gauge young adults' sentiment around social gatherings we went out and talked to them. 



"[At parties] I feel awkward at first, but if someone is there who is open and welcoming it's a lot easier for me to get out of my shell."

"I hate being in social settings and feeling the need to keep up a conversation." 

"[At Parties] I really have to hype myself up to make new friends." 

Everyone is a little bit socially awkward. 

Sociables can give people a confidence boost when it comes to socializing. 

The Strategy

Elevate Sociables as the conversation cracker for young adults. 

Creative Idea

Feed your social side. 

Unlike other platter crackers, Sociables has 6 distinct shapes. When we got the brand those shapes meant nothing. We decided to leverage the shapes and give them more personality and territory on the box. 

We took the outdated brand from this 



When you think of your favorite social apps, Twitter, Facebook, GroupMe what's the one thing they have in common? The color Blue. To keep up with the social theme we leaned heavily into Blue. We also used each shape to elevate the party. What type of host are you? Grab a cracker and look at the back of the box to find your role for the night.  

To pair with the game on the back of the box we designed a digital version that has question prompts to keep the party going. Scan the QR code to turn up the energy.

We decided to use Twitter as the platform to break the category convention of brand tone. Most competitors came off as corny. To flip the brand tone we leaning into relatability. We encourage our audience to tweet about their awkward moments, we all have them.  

What's your social shape? We continued the conversation on Instagram with a personality quiz.  

A challenge we had to overcome to build brand awareness was getting people already in the grocery store into the snack aisle. To overcome this we created an in-store activation that leads right up to the Sociables shelf. 

To get the word out even more about Sociables we planned to have these branded coasters in social settings like bars and other highly trafficked places people stop on their way to a party like liquor stores. 

The Team

Kai Butler | Strategist

Kasra Baniisfahany | Creative Brand Manager

Ben Bashaw | Copywriter

Sean McSherry | Art Director

Katie Boller | UX Designer

My Role

Conducted Qualitative Research

4 C's Research

Deck Flow


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