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Live Client + Brand Campaign 


The Background

We were given a relatively new brand within the bed-in-the-box category. The category has skyrocketed within the last couple of years. Growth is attributed to both the pandemic and younger audiences' affinity toward online shopping. 

The Ask


The Brand Truth

The Cultural Truth

Come up with a Brand Campaign that elevates WinkBeds. 

Casper is the king of the bed in a box category and Purple falls in a close second. Beyond that, brands start to get lost in the sauce. WinkBeds needs a clear differentiator to stand out in the sea of monotony.

WinkBed's magic lies in its generosity. A value that embodies its true Wisconsin hospitality.

Generosity and Sleep in today's world don't have the best relationship.

We're Living in the Epidemic of Toxic Productivity 

A world where people work too much but don't sleep enough. Literature written by psychologists and wellness experts points to this cultural theme of an unhealthy desire to be productive at all costs. This mindset is one of the leading causes of restlessness. 

Knowing this phenomenon exists within society...I asked myself what this chronic producer actually looks like??.

Meet the Productivity Addict Mom

Personality- Type A Doer who lives to make sure the people and responsibilities around her are taken care of before she is. As a result, sleep is one of the last things on her list of priorities. She compartmentalizes all of her different tasks which leaves her minds racing. Regardless of when she lays down to sleep her instinct to mentally process how many to-dos she got through in the current day and rehearse the upcoming ones for tomorrow keeps her mind and body in a state of restlessness. 

"I make sure I get everything on my list done, sometimes I don't stop."

Erika | Age: 32

Studies show

• In a child's first year new parents fall short of sleep by around 3 hours per night.

• Parents' sleep often does not return to pregnancy levels until the oldest child is 6 years old. 

According to Simmons 

• Parents are more likely to purchase a mattress online. 

• 1/3 of people who have purchased a mattress over $1000 have a child in the household. 

What makes moms the perfect audience for WinkBeds?

Audience Insight



Creative Idea

Being a Mom is work. Moms can't prioritize their sleep because they feel like sleep isn't deserved until all their work gets done. 

WinkBeds has the opportunity to meet moms where they are by validating their feelings and showing them that sleep isn't something that needs to be earned.

Give parents permission to rest. 

It's okay to rest. 

Phase 1

In order to build brand awareness for WinkBeds, we plan on marketing a general campaign to Productivity Addict Moms in the places they are most likely to be in their busy workdays and commutes. 



OOHs will be placed in high trafficked areas where our audience has a moment to think and dream of rest. 

Print + Online

Media placements were chosen to disrupt Productivity Addict Moms while they are reading up on ways to better take care of their babies. 

WinkBed Social1_edited.png
WinkBed Social1_edited.png

Phase 2

Having a baby is a time all about the child but in order to be a more present parent, you have to first take care of yourself. The second phase of our campaign is to build affinity for WinkBeds with a series of partnerships that prioritize our Productivity Addict Moms. 

WinkBed Social1_edited.png

The first is a strategic business partnership with BabyList.

While our audience spends their time preparing for their newborn we plan on giving their friends and family the opportunity to

prepare the gift of rest for them. Now you can add one more item to your registry a quality night's sleep. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at

The Second is a series of partnerships with Mommy Influencers

To build up buzz for the baby list partnership we plan on working with the top Mommy influencers a month before the partnership launch. 

The Team

Kai Butler | Strategist

Lianne Boxley | Strategist 

Kat Worrall | Copywriter

Shirinidhi Vijay | Art Director]

Taylor Brazukas | UX Designer

My Role

Conducted Qualitative Research

4 C's Research

Created Persona

Deck Flow


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